Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 4/20/2005

So rather than stewing about the problems I have at work, I have started to take some action to do something about it. I wrote about how I am going to be setting up my own translating business (on a freelance basis) and will also be doing another job full time to give me a steady monthly income (probably English teaching a few hours a week). Even if I didn't have a steady monthly income, the yearly income would be the same but it would be difficult to make only USD500 one month and then USD5,000 the next month (I'm obviously making up these sums!). Paying bills would be difficult. So this seems to be the best alternative.

I've started making a list of the clients that I have worked for in the past and am starting to follow-up with them about this next step. Yesterday, I was also letting my mind wander about what to do in the future and came up with a brillant (well to me anyway!) idea! I want to rent or buy some space (eventually) and turn one room into a library for English books with a small cafe where the ex-pat community and interested Japanese people could come to relax. I would also have two other rooms--one for translating and one for English teaching. I can actually see the rooms in my mind, how I want them set up and how they would be decorated. I think the library would have wonderful armchairs for people to use, maybe a fireplace or woodburning stove, aromatherapy candles burning, and maybe even a person to give short shoulder massages for people who wanted one. Cafe au laits all around!

Ah the things of dreams...I am actually really excited about this new idea and venture and hope that it works out!

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