Thursday, January 13, 2005

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Happy New Year! Play by play of the visit to NY follows!

Had a WONDERFUL time in NY with E7! This year, I didn't feel like we had that much to do so it was a little more relaxing. My flight on 12/23 (Thursday) was 6 hours late taking off. I was pretty annoyed because I had just gone through immigration when they made the announcement. I wish I had waited just 10 more minutes before going through because I would have visited another terminal to see a friend off. So that wasn't too good, especially since E7 and I traveled separately (he left the week after) and I had no one to talk to. I ended up getting to NY at 6PM, rather than 10AM which kind of wrecked my plans for that day. Just spent it visiting with my family which was nice too.

On Christmas eve, my sisters and I went to the local spa for a massage. It was a really nice way to spend the morning. After that we went out for lunch and scared the waiter because we were hysterical laughing at something (good hormones racing around in our bodies after the massage, maybe?). We spent the afternoon getting things ready for decorating the tree at night and for attending midnight Mass.

Christmas morning/afternoon was totally insane. I have 4 brothers and sisters and with their significant others, we had about 15 people in the house opening presents, shouting to each other, phones ringing, people stopping by to visit...complete chaos. Dessert followed dinner and we had people over until midnight.

Got to see my friend who had a baby just 3 weeks ago on Sunday morning. She looked wonderful and it was great to hold a newborn! I haven't seen a newborn baby since my nephew was born 8 years ago! In the afternoon, we went to my brother's new apartment for a housewarming party and then to see Fiddler on the Roof on Broadway in the evening (TOTALLY RECOMMEND IT!). I stayed with my best friend on Sunday night in the city and we were out until 2AM at a neighborhood bar. Monday morning, my friend and I went around midtown to see the tree at Rockafeller Center and shopping for clothes. I totally hope that E7 gets the transfer to NYC...I just LOVE it there!

Monday afternoon, I had to meet up with my brother's fiance to pick out BM dresses and then to help my sister, Karen, pack for their departure on Tuesday. Tuesday, we drove my sister and her family to the airport where we discovered that her flight was cancelled! They were rescheduled on the 4PM flight so we went to a pizza place to entertain her 2 kids for a little while. I also got to go to the DMV to renew my drivers license in the afternoon which was exciting (not!). My friend and her mother and my mother went out for dinner that evening.

Wednesday, I picked up E7 at the airport with my favorite aunt. I got up at 7:30AM thinking that I could take a shower and leave around 8:30 to get him at 10:30 (it takes between 1 1/2 to 2 hours to get to the airport depending on traffic). Well, I called the airline around 8AM (still not showered or anything) and found out his flight was arriving at 9:20! I raced to the airport and made it there in 50 minutes. We basically just spent the day with my family after getting him at the airport which was nice.

Thursday, we went to NYC early and again went to see the tree (E7 likes that area). In the evening, we went to the Blue Note (jazz club in the Village) with my brothers and their girlfriends. We went out to a bar later that night and ended up running into friends from high school (NYC is a small place!). Friday (NYE), we visited friends, shopped, and went to the Bronx Zoo in the evening. They do an illumination event every year which is beautiful! We ended up spending NYE with my parents and aunt watching The Terminal. We almost forgot to turn on the TV to watch the ball drop!

NY Day, we went shopping and had dinner with family. Sunday, we went out to eat with family in the morning, lunch with my cousins, and then dinner at my brother's fiancee's parents house. It took us until 3AM to pack which wasn't very nice. Got back to Japan on Tuesday night at 12:30AM and am work today! Ugh. It was a really nice visit with everyone though. I wish I had had more time with my friends but am pretty happy with how things went.

Pictures are at Yahoo Photos! (Under "NY2004_Christmas" folder)

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