Monday, December 20, 2004

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Love & Relationships Year 2004

Whatever those resolutions are, you sure are checking them off your list. Long-term relationships are especially satisfying in the first three weeks of the year -- it's a great time to sneak away for a private vacation. You come gently back to earth around the 21st, when single life starts perking up. By Valentine's Day, you're relaxed and in touch with your sometimes distant emotions. Don't be afraid to say what's on your mind: Someone you love needs to hear it. Your blunt honesty serves you well and spring arrives as gently as a lamb.

You may find yourself falling head over heels with someone in the last week of March --and this love won't come easy. Don't be quick to compromise in matters of the heart. When passions run strong, you should stand firm, and until May 17th you'll be firm as an uncomfortable mattress. Permanent relationships may be tossed into a pit with the vipers of jealousy in the same time frame. Keep your sense of humor and hang in there; the load lightens in early June.

Summer forces you to examine your ideals about love and family. No matter what your surface, you have some deeply conventional beliefs that may need a good sharp poke from someone with freer ideas. June 30th holds a romantic surprise that comes at the perfect time to warm your heart. July finds you in the mood for self-improvement. Don't drag your sweetie along for the ride unless they ask; you run a slight risk of turning evangelical. By the time August 15th rolls around, you're new and improved, and so is your love life.

The intensity slides away as the weather cools, and you find yourself in the proper frame of mind for easy compromises. Singles may be drawn to someone who challenges and excites them intellectually -- hold your ground and you'll be admired. Starting with Halloween, you'll draw your loved ones around you like a cozy blanket. Thanksgiving has you recreating the holidays of your childhood, but be sure to add your lover's traditions to the mix. Wrap up the season with a mountain of mistletoe.

--Well, I can't say that any of this was true. Maybe it is more cut out for people who are dating rather than married? Although we did recreate Thanksgiving like we celebrate it in the States but E7 has made his own traditions, including turkey carving, decorating the house, and serving Japanese food (this time we had smoked salmon together with the turkey!) at the party.

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