Monday, December 20, 2004

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 12/20/2004
I like to go back and look at my horoscope over the past year to see how much was "true". Yahoo has 3 different types of horoscopes: General, Love & Relationships, and Career & Finances. My comments are in blue.

General: Capricorn
You don't know what everyone's complaining about -- the holidays were great, but so is the New Year. The targets you hit in January make up for whatever you miss about last year. By the 21st, you're in step with your neighbors, even if that means you've slowed down a little; consider what the group wants and what you're willing to give. From February 20th to March 7th, you're back on your fabulous fast track upwards. Then you can level off on a plateau of excellence for the rest of the winter.

--Don't actually remember very much about the beginning of the year unfortunately. Is that a good or a bad thing???

Spring comes too soon, with some disorienting but not unpleasant results. Emotions sprout and blossom all over the place between March 24th and April 6th. Rivals show weakness on the 19th, encouraging you to step forward -- but instead of taking advantage, you propose getting along. This arrangement is good until it falls apart sometime between May 17th and 21st. While you're not out for revenge, you can't ignore that twinge of pleasure when confusion strikes everyone equally after June 10th. It's worth a little extra expense.

--This definitely happened with confusion abounding in my office. I have to admit that I was a little pleased with it because it turned things around so that I wasn't the only person feeling the "pain".

Ambivalence about Father's Day or summer puts you on a collision course with something special around June 29th -- this event is as benign or dangerous as you make it. Strange attitudes, desires and assorted weirdnesses pull at you from late July through mid-August. Your home or specialty is under attack, but in some ways you agree with it. Your struggle toward improvement pays off by August 23rd. Look forward to radical but meaningful shifts in early September -- then you'll have a week or so to appreciate what you've wrought.

--Wowowowowow...this totally happened and during that time period actually! All started at the Peer Review of our project at the end of June and the reveberations from that lasted until the end of August. Attacks from all true!

September 23rd reminds you again that you don't live in a vacuum. The next few weeks challenge you to accept when you might not agree. By the end of October, you're more than ready to be back among friends. Starting November 8th, you review past triumphs and plan ways to improve on them. The seasonal festivities are always a convenient distraction, but you lock onto a personal project as December begins, joyously forcing your vision onto some unyielding medium. And don't worry, you'll have plenty of happy holiday time.

--Lots of things on which I don't agree and all happening during that time period. I did start seeing friends again and feeling social around the end of October. Haven't thought too much about a personal project at the beginning of December but maybe it just isn't in the front of my head just yet.

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