Monday, December 20, 2004

Posted by kuri, ping, the pinglet, & mini-ping on 12/20/2004
Back from Bangkok last week after a very successful meeting at the UN! I had to give a presentation (in addition to managing the entire meeting) and received quite a bit of praise from the UN manager regarding my work over the past 4 years. Surprising, since he is not given to praising anyone or anything.

Came down with a cold pretty much the minute I arrived back in Japan...maybe it had to do with going from 33C weather to 10C weather? I guess I shouldn't complain...I am still wearing my spring coat in the middle of December! (Jealous? Just think what it must be like here in the summer for it to be so warm in the winter!)

E7 goes back and forth about his prospects for NY. The other day he told me that he thought he had a good chance. Now that the list of people who passed the exam for manager just came out, he is back to thinking like a pessimist (which is his natural state...positive thinking from him is actually quite frightening. :) LOL One of my friends is on the list. He speaks English REALLY well and has lived overseas before. I am just hoping that he is getting older and tired and doesn't want to move his family halfway across the world to live in the "dangerous city of NY" :) Keep praying with me people!

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